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Sarke Studio was founded in 1998 as an advertising agency.

Since the beginning, company experienced tremendous growth and by 2004 became an industry powerhouse with over 300 employees and the largest network of major clients, from the Government of Georgia and local businesses, to the biggest international brands. In 2008, with over 400 commercials produced and still counting, Sarke Studio began to co-produce local short and full-length feature films, all of them – a local box-office successes.

The company started to gradually shift its main focus from commercials to films and in 2016 became the major production service company in the country, after the introduction of Georgian film incentive ‘Film in Georgia’.

Nowadays, our portfolio counts over 20 international projects ranging from low to high budget.

Sarke Studio works actively towards the enhancement of filming infrastructure, professional skills and knowledge of local film industry players

  1. Sarke Studio was established in the country of Georgia back in 1998 as an advertising agency. Since its inception, Sarke Studio has experienced tremendous growth.

  2. By 2004 it became an industry powerhouse with over 300 employees and the country’s largest network of major clients. From local businesses to the biggest international brands – even Georgia’s leading political parties – Sarke built relationships with them all.

  3. In 2008, with over 400 commercials produced and still counting, Sarke Studio began to co-produce local short and full-length feature films, all of which were successful at the local box-office.

  4. In 2011, Sarke Studio produced its first English language feature – a high-concept genre film called 247°F. The story is about a group of friends who get trapped in a sauna that keeps getting hotter and hotter. 247°F was picked up and is distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment.

  5. In November 2013, Sarke Studio successfully completed multimillion-dollar production service for the French Film companies Petite Reine and Search Production on the feature film The Search – directed by the Oscar-winning director of The Artist, Michel Hazanavicius, starring Annette Bening and Bérénice Bejo.

  6. In 2014 Sarke produced its second English-language feature, Landmine Goes Click. The story is about a helpless American tourist vacationing in a mountainous region of European Georgia, who steps on a landmine that threatens to go off if he moves. The movie won Best Thriller Feature award at Shriekfest, Best movie award at Cinestrange, Audience Jury Award at Fantasporto, and ten more awards.

  7. In 2015 Sarke Studio with GDS Production shot horror and fantasy genre TV series Paradox, about a group of people trying to save their lives after a world apocalypse. It is the first Georgian-Ukrainian production.


What are you getting?

A huge experience in creating, developing, producing, co-producing and providing full-scale film production services for our local and international partners.

Free of charge scheduling, location scouting, budgeting, post production services, a final wrap party – which by the way, is always complimentary from us aaand more…

Searching something cost effective?

Lower your budget by our flexible cash rebate system. Let us guide you through a business-friendly and safe environment with fast, transparent business processes, flexible labor market, low and flat taxes. Use our knowledge of the region and best deals, get to know our big network of big payers and save big numbers in budget.


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We’ve become an industry powerhouse, by serving our many clients, such as The Government of Georgia, local business sector, international contractors and more…

Our portfolio consists of more than 20 international works ranging from low to high budget including UK, US, French, Indian and Chinese projects

Our playground within and without borders

Shoot snow caped mountains and sunny beach just within a day!


Shoot in countries that have a lot to offer filmmakers: diverse climate and landscapes, fusion of different architectural styles, lower costs across the board, a business-friendly environment and competitive financial incentive.