Disney made its name producing animated features based on classic fairy tales. Today the company is making a killing with new live-action versions of its original classic stories. After producing more than 50 animated feature films, the studio certainly has plenty of material to draw from. In fact, there are a lot of potential live-action films in various stages of production based on previous Disney content. Not everything is based on animation, but each one is a return to a classic story from the history of Disney.
A long time ago… 

2 decades to be exact, in a land not far away … a Sarke Studio was created with one single purpose – to make films in Georgia at all costs, and by that we mean low costs and high quality.

 At this moment we combine Georgia with US, China, UK, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine into single, simple, safe and extremely cost effective filming playground.
After serving this purpose, we stepped even further –we’ve extended our filming playground and now we are being represented outside our homeland.

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Current Projects

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Georgia, located in the Caucasus region, where Europe meets Asia, has a lot to offer filmmakers: diverse climate and landscapes, fusion of different architectural styles, lower costs across the board, a business-friendly environment and competitive financial incentive.

Georgia is a relatively small but very diverse country in terms of architectural styles, climate and landscapes. Just within one day you can shoot snow caped mountains and sunny beach. While captivating fusion of medieval and modern architecture with Asian, European and Soviet styles makes it possible to double Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and Eastern Europe among many other countries.

Georgia is a very cost-effective destination.  Direct production expenses such as: hiring crews, equipment etc. are much lower than in other Eastern European countries, with additional incentive of low cost goods and living. All this will save you big numbers in budget.

Georgia offers foreign producers a business-friendly and safe environment with fast, transparent business processes, flexible labor market, low and flat taxes. Country has modern infrastructure with well-developed roads and rail system, several local airports connecting different parts of the country and 3 international airports with both direct and indirect flights from major European cities.