In-house experienced location managers can find any location matching your requirements and help to organize the scouting tour in the most time/costs efficient way.

We design the most effective financial schemes for the production across the territories we cover. We cash flow the Georgian rebate and can co-finance against the aggregated incentives.

We provide production and support services during your shoot, offer full-service of line-producing and execution.

An in-house catering department that is able to cater productions with up to 2000 people on set at time and can adapt to any dietary restrictions and just food preferences.

We can deal with all the film incentive procedures for you: Starting from the application process and ending with submitting the audited report to the relevant entities. We assist any negotiation with the local government: Closing roads for the shooting, obtaining permits to build sets in stated owned properties and many more.

In-house UPMs and Line Producers will assist with production planning, budgeting and scheduling.

We will help you set up production base and offices away from home. Find the right people for the project. Deal with possible permits and formalities. Our well-connected casting director will find extras and principals for your project. Basically, we provide you with everything necessary for a successful shoot.

Our experienced accommodation team will make sure that your crew and cast has smooth relocation. We have very appealing deals with airlines as well as most hotels and some rentals.

An experienced post company that specializes in sound and music can provide Digital Asset Management, DIT, Assistant Editorial and sound and music post services.

A creative team for developing projects: Pitch Decks; Presentations; Art-Works; Storyboards; Posters; Sizzle Reels; etc.